About Us

Son Music Library is a digital music library created in 2020 with the intention of offering a large range of music for professional use, from soundtracks for documentaries, short films, films, movie trailers, soundtracks for Web or YouTube channels to background music for television programs and services.

The library has been divided into Moods, Musical Genre and Albums to facilitate research, with especially meticulous attention to the Moods category, intended as “states of mind”, that, as such, can evoke and better express images in their human interpretation of reality. It is to be noted that each Mood and Musical Genre has one or more sub-categories.

Alessandro Grosso

Born in Varano Borghi (Varese, Italy) in 1963, from a young age he combined his studies of the double bass with those of the accordion and composition at the Conservatorio “G. Verdi” of Milan.

In 2009 he founded, together with his colleague Mirko Carchen, the publishing house “Sonitus Edizioni”.

His principal job, to date, remains that of composer of music for films and documentaries.

Mirko Carchen

Born in Angera (Varese, Italy) in 1975. In 1983 he began his studies of the pianoforte and in ‘88 those of the accordion.

Alongside his profession as instrumentalist he has worked as a sound technician and for numerous years has worked on the creation of recording projects and the addition of sound to films and documentaries.

In 2009 he founded, together with his colleague Alessandro Grosso, the publishing house “Sonitus Edizioni”.